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The CETA Joint Committee is comprised of representatives of the European Union and representatives of Canada who will meet once a year or at the request of a Party and will supervise the work of all specialised committees and other bodies established under this Agreement. It was recycled into a shiny new piece of custom.

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  • Canada is a strategic partner of the European Union with whom we share a past history based on common values and interests, and with whom we also wish to define a positive forward-looking relationship for the future.

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There exists no other legal instrument that could be used in order to achieve the objective expressed in this proposal. In the context of this joint study 1the European Commission and Canada carried out two stakeholder consultations. The European Commission undertook a web-based civil society consultation in February and March on the basis of a questionnaire covering various aspects of the EU-Canada trade and investment relationship.

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In March and April Canada distributed a similar questionnaire among the members of its domestic steering committee. A high proportion of the respondents expressed the view that, despite the robustness of the existing trade and investment relationship between the EU and Canada, there were still many obstacles and therefore much potential to improve the bilateral relationship.

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There was a general consensus among EU respondents that enhanced economic cooperation between Canada and the EU was desirable. There appeared to be a particular emphasis on the need to remove tariff peaks and onerous non-tariff barriers to trade as well as a strong request for enhanced regulatory cooperation.

In addition, during the CETA negotiations, a range of consultation methods were used in the context of the Sustainability Impact Assessment 2.

This included amongst others civil society meetings, a stakeholder workshop, and a project website with a discussion forum. The civil society meetings took place in Brussels and Ottawa and were attended by broad section of different interest groups and unions.

Several academic and institute-based experts also provided helpful comments on the SIA. At the time the study indicated that the liberalisation of trade in goods and services will bring benefits both to the EU and to Canada. The analysis assesses the economic, social and environmental impacts in Canada and the European Union across three main sectors, sixteen sub-sectors and seven cross-cutting issues.

CETA will remove customs duties, end limitations on access to public contracts, open up services' market, offer predictable conditions for investors and, last but not least, help prevent illegal copying of EU innovations and traditional products.

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The agreement also contains all the guarantees to make sure that the economic gains do not come at the expense of fundamental rights, social standards, governments' right to regulate, environment protection or consumers' health and safety. On the other hand, the proposal entails the use of administrative resources under budget line XX 01 01 01 Expenditure related to officials and temporary staff working with the Institutionsince it is estimated that one Administrator will be dedicated as FTE to the tasks inherent to this agreement.

This is indicated in the Legislative Financial Statement and is subject to the conditions mentioned in it. The CETA Joint Committee is comprised of representatives of the European Union and representatives of Canada who will meet once a year or at the request of a Party and will supervise the work of all specialised committees and other bodies established under this Agreement. It will in no way restrict the decision-making power of regulators in the EU's Member States or at EU level, or of their authorising institutions.

When the Parties approve such a decision, it has to be subject to their respective applicable internal requirements and procedures. The following specialised committees will be established under the auspices of the CETA Joint Committee: —the Committee on Trade in Goods, which addresses matters concerning trade in goods, tariffs, technical barriers to trade, the Protocol on the mutual acceptance of the results of conformity assessment and intellectual property rights related to goods.

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To the extent that any of such specialised Committee has any decision-making power under CETA, those decisions will be taken in the same manner as those of the Joint Committee. These will be put in place in time for the application of the Agreement. With CETA, European companies will receive the best treatment that Canada has ever offered to any trading partner, thus levelling the playing field on the Canadian market for EU companies.

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It has the potential to keep prices down and provide consumers with greater choice of quality products. Standards and regulations related to food safety, product safety, consumer protection, health, environment, social or labour standards etc. All imports from Canada will have to satisfy all EU product rules and regulations — without exception.