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Modelka towarzyszyła również partnerowi na mistrzostwach świata w Rosji. Non-gameplay related promotional events have included: EDM artist Marshmello held a virtual concert in the Pleasant Park location on February 2, across all game servers, [77] estimated to have had over 10 million players watching it live.

A new season that revamped the game's mechanics and introduced a new map following the destruction of the old map from the black hole at the end of Chapter 1 Season X. Boats were also added to the game, which increased mobility in water.

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Some matches may feature players controlled by artificial intelligence. Fortnitemares returned, which featured a special cosmetic set called The Final Reckoning, as well as a special limited-time boss battle against the Storm King, the main antagonist of Fortnite: Save the World. Afterward, the island returned to its normal state.

System komercyjny Fortnite 6 Sezon

In Novemberthe season was extended until Februarywhich included a winter-themed event, a live event, and rewards for everybody. On December 14, the Millennium Falcon came to Fortnite island for a live event. They were ambushed by 6 TIE fightersin which were defeated and all crashed onto the map.

On December 24, the map was covered with snow, making snowstorms appear and reduce visibility either lightly or largely. The season was extended twice, once to February 8, and another time to February In the trailers, it is shown that multiple characters from past seasons are in fact working for a covert agency, under two competitive divisions: Shadow black and Ghost white.

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The two factions compete against each other Opcja binarna w Niemczech spy games.

Various landmarks conceal small safe houses for agents of either faction that can be raided for loot.

Everything New In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6! - Battle Pass, Map, Weapons \u0026 More!

Several large secret bases are established across the coasts and center of the battle royale island, each heavily guarded by small automatic defense turrets, many henchmen and a powerful unique elite agent armed with a powerful weapon, all controlled by artificial intelligence.

Players are given certain methods of compromising the bases' defenses, such as adopting disguises and disabling the defense system's power source, and will be able to raid a base's vault and obtain valuable loot upon defeating its elite agent in a boss battle. The season's battle pass allows players to unlock outfits based on these elite agents, complete missions System komercyjny Fortnite 6 Sezon their behalf to eventually unlock a mutually exclusive, faction-specific version of them Ghost or Shadow through one final mission per outfit, and also obtain the Marvel antihero Deadpool.

System komercyjny Fortnite 6 Sezon

The season was originally planned to end in late Aprilbut was delayed to June 4. In-game, the water acted as the storm front, as it still constricted the "play-area" on the map, and players trapped within it took damage, though players are able to swim with better mobility while within the wall of water.

Titled "Nexus War", this season contains a Marvel themed battle pass and POIs, featuring numerous superheroes and supervillains from the Marvel universe.

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DoomMystiqueIron Manand Wolverine as the "secret" outfit. Galactus is mentioned, and was seen approaching the Fortnite island to consume the Zero Point.

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To prevent him from doing so, the superheroes gather a massive fleet of Battle Buses loaded with green bombs to lure Galactus into inhaling them all and destroy him from within. After Galactus System komercyjny Fortnite 6 Sezon waves of drones to obstruct this attack, the heroes manage to get the buses inside Galactus, causing a massive explosion.

Galactus was then sucked into a rift that teleports him back to his reality. However, it appears that the Nexus War is not over yet, and its narrative instantly carried over to the subsequent season.

System komercyjny Fortnite 6 Sezon