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Software tester — how to create test cases Every software tester needs to be familiar with these three terms: test case, test condition, and test scenario. But what do those terms mean? Software Tester Testers play arguably one of the most important roles and functions in software life cycle.

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They are responsible for the quality of the final product. Test cases are created for a specific purpose or test conditions. Input data — a set of input data necessary to execute a test case.

Initial execution conditions — conditions that must be met for a test to be executed properly. Test steps — defined and structured actions that must be taken to execute a test case. Expected result — the result that should happen after a test case is executed properly.

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If the value received after the test matches the expected result, we can consider the test case a success. The expected result must be defined before Systemy testowe test. Depending on an input data type, we can define two types of test cases: high- and low-level.

A test case with defined input values and expected results.

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Example based Systemy testowe an app that performs addition: High-level test case logical A test case without defined input values or expected results. It uses logic operators, but actual values are not defined yet. Example based on an app that performs addition: High-level conditions give greater freedom, and their execution depends largely on the tester.

Two different people can execute the same case and enter different data, so specific results will also differ. Test condition A test condition is an element or event in a module or system that should be verified by one or more test case se.

Example: we are tasked with testing the login feature of a system.

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Each scenario should reflect a precisely defined functionality. Test scenarios are also known as test scripts or test procedure specifications. Each test scenario should consist of test scenario identification, a list of preparatory actions, test cases, and final actions. Test scenario identification — this section documents such data as: scenario name and ID, scenario description goalsscenario type e.

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These preparatory actions may include verifying software installation and configuration, verifying the tools necessary to perform and document tests, or verifying users and their permissions required for testing. List of test cases — this section should list, in order, all test cases required to complete a test scenario.

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These are required actions without which subsequent scenarios would be impossible to carry out. These can also be actions resulting from safety policies.

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Example: we are tasked with testing a new Systemy testowe of a system. Test cases — what should you pay attention to? When creating test cases, you want Systemy testowe make sure they fulfil their objectives in the testing process.

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They should act as benchmarks for software quality and help businesses make decisions about further development of their products. Moreover, test cases should uncover defects and discrepancies in tested systems. You still get information about app quality and adherence to specifications. Having a tester or quality analyst should ensure that cases will effectively uncover defects.

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Equivalence class Equivalence class is a set of data with a similar processing method and characteristics, used to perform a test. Here, you simply need to test if a given method works for several elements within an equivalence class.

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This alleviates us of having to test all elements within a set. Equivalence classes can be divided into two categories: Valid classes — sets of values for which we predict that the software will work correctly.

Invalid classes — sets of values for which we predict that the software will work incorrectly. Example: we have a system that only lets people in the 18— age group register. We want to test if the validator of this data is working properly.

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There are correct boundary values within an equivalence class and incorrect boundary values outside that class. When designing test cases, make sure to cover both correct and incorrect boundary values. The boundary values technique is easy to use and uncovers many defects. Does more mean better? You have to make several important decisions. What should you test?

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What to omit? What to test first, and what to leave for later? Oftentimes, after an error is fixed, another defect may emerge. You must choose the areas that you really need to focus on. Not all test cases are equally important from the perspective of system quality, time investment, or customer requirements. You must pay attention to priorities.

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Test cases — priorities When assigning priorities to test cases, think about the area Systemy testowe the app that is most susceptible to errors.

With complex functionalities, there is a high probability that fixing one error will uncover more defects. Below I have listed areas most plagued by numerous defects: Complex functionalities — this is Belt Bollinger JavaScript. of the most common causes of errors.

Modified or re-written areas — regression tests should be sufficient in those Systemy testowe, but you should also assign priorities to regression test cases.