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To, co robisz, to latanie koleją, by zrobić cokolwiek chcesz. Nie mieliście żadnych szans. Refire rates have been greatly increased.

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Gdyby ktoś chciał sobie zmodyfikować tę grę, ale nie chce mu się bawić w naukę instalacji modów etc. Oficjalna bonusowa paczka modów od wydawcy gry. Ta paczka zmienia mnóstwo aspektów gry i tak samo dodaje sporo nowych rzeczy.

Od statków, przez misje fabularne, po nowe mechaniki i rozwinięcia istniejących podzespołów. They are all of a standard comparable to the original game itself and they fit seamlessly into the expanded universe.

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Also new links have been made in the universe to help with the flow of AI trading. We have tried to ensure there are no "I Win" ships and that all ships within a class are balanced across the races. Speeds of fighters have been increased, corvettes are much faster, Rozszerzenie systemu handlu X3TC manoeuvrable with extended cargo bays, heavy corvettes have more weapons and turrets, there are new classes of frigates such as Heavy Assault frigates, light frigates and more light carriers, weapon loudouts have been made more racial, and many other aspects have been tweaked to improve balancing consistancy.

  • Gameplay[ edit ] X3: Terran Conflict is a single player, first-person space-based simulator where the player can explore and expand in a constantly changing environment.
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Established race lore from the X Universe has been fully embraced and applied. All ship stats are taken into account from speed and acceleration to cargo and price. It features PAR ships, which are pre-outfitted ships ready for deployment when you purchase them, new pirate versions of Rozszerzenie systemu handlu X3TC ships with custom pirate skins, M3 Bombers, M5 Explorers with built in capital class scanners and Explorer software, prototype M6s for each race and much, much more.

All weapon loadouts have been racialised. NEW WEAPONS — No less than ten new weapons have been added, with brand new effects and sounds, including a full array of Xenon weapons and a new lasertower weapon which makes lasertowers something to be feared again.

Factories have also been added for the new weapons so you can build your own. In addition all the beam weapons are now for sale in the universe with updated and enhanced effects. Many have new effects with performance in mind, including all the beam weapons which no longer kill frame rates.

Ammo based weapons have been converted into standard energy weapons and rebalanced to compensate. In addition the Ion Disruptor and Phased Shockwave Generator have been converted into standard bullet types to remove their frame rate killing effects. All missiles have increased speeds.

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Refire rates have been greatly increased. Dumbfire missiles have been converted to low turn rate tracking missiles with large blast radii.

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Damage, blast radii, special abilities, prices and reps have all been rebalanced. All missiles are now for sale in the universe.

In addition XRM for Albion Prelude features border skirmishes, where races that have a history of "bad relations" will get into fights in border sectors.

The player can fight on either side and is given objectives to complete in order to "win" the war.

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You will see the Xenon, Kha'ak, Yaki and Pirates invading other race's sectors - including Terran sectors. They are no longer limited to just Argon and Teladi ships.

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You will see pirate Boron, Split, Paranid and even Terran ships, and all their new ships are sporting custom paintjobs to make them even more fearsome.