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Building of the Zunft[ edit ] In early times, the "Alter Einsiedlerhof" house stood on the site of today's guild house. The Zürich guilds, except for the women members of the Fraumünster society who only participate as guests of the Constaffel , [3] still celebrate Sechseläuten. One of the focuses were the products of the Porzellanmanufaktur Schooren — in Kilchberg.

History[ edit ] The Zunft zur Meisen[ edit ] Inthe former Zunft zum Winlütten innkeepers guild built a house named der Meysen hus. Although the guilds represented various craft associations, they were also economic, political, social and even military organizations that participated in the wars of the medieval city republic as independent military units.

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They also constituted the councilors of the elitary council of the medieval city republic of Zürichuntil the French revolutionary troops terminated the guild regime, and the Old Swiss Confederacy collapsed in spring The Zürich guilds, except for the women members of the Fraumünster society who only participate as guests of the Constaffel[3] still celebrate Sechseläuten.

Building of the Zunft[ edit ] In early times, the "Alter Einsiedlerhof" house stood on the site of today's guild house. This was first mentioned on 25 October Abbot Anselm von Einsiedeln once had this building built as a flophouse for the abbot.

Architecture[ edit ] Capitals with grotesques in the grand south portal The twin towers of the Grossmünster are regarded as perhaps the most recognized landmark in Zürich. In keeping with the Romanesque architectural style, Grossmünster offers a great carved portal featuring medieval columns with grotesques adorning the capitals. A Romanesque crypt dates to the 11th and 13th centuries. Bollinger Sandstein was used for the construction. Originally, they had high wooden steeples, which were destroyed by fire infollowing which the present neo-Gothic tops were added completed

In addition, the house also contained the former apartment of the administrator. In the former "Alte Einsiedlerhof" was sold to Squire Colonel Kaspar Schmid who had Bollinger na bullinger time-honored house replaced by a new building.

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The two women were given the contract. The building originally housed an observatory, the Urania Sternwarteon its roof. Inthe astronomical commission used this telescope to define the Culminatio solisthus determining the exact location of the city of Zürich on the globe.

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In the 19th century, Gottfried Keller and Ferdinand Hodler were among the most famous guests of the former Bollinger na bullinger zur Meisen. The building is still a restaurant of the higher price class. Ina Rococo palace in the French style — with a cour d'honneur and elegant puddling doors — was built by the architect, David Morf — The stone for the building was Bollinger sandstone from the quarries on Obersee lake shore.

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With this connection, the house and exhibition merge into a synthesis of the arts. The Zunfthaus zur Meisen is considered one of the most beautiful guild houses in Zürich.

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The permanent exhibition gave an overview of the Swiss porcelain and faience factories of the 18th century, and the development of forms and patterns of dishware and miniatures.

One of the focuses Opcja binarna Najlepszy dostawca sygnalu the products of the Porzellanmanufaktur Schooren — in Kilchberg. Changing exhibitions further explained the history and the work of well-known porcelain manufacturers and other cultural and historical issues in Zürich, such as the anniversary exhibition Frauen, Zunft und Männerwelt — Jahre Zunfthaus zur Meisen Women, Men's Guild and the world - years Guild house Meisen.

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Zürich porcelain is complemented by outstanding objects from Nyon, the other important Swiss porcelain manufactory of that time, which produced from to In the field of faience tableware production all Swiss production sites of that Bollinger na bullinger were represented.

Zürich's magnificent tiled stoves made of faience refer to the close ties to this branch of industry, but also to the important Swiss harbor tradition. Since the opening of the intensively used new Nationalmuseum building, the flow of visitors has shifted even more clearly there.

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In view of the imminent renovation of the tits, which required the exhibition to be cleared from 17 April anyway, the management of the National Museum finally decided not to continue the Meisen outstation. It is envisaged that the ceramic and porcelain holdings will one day be integrated into the redesigned permanent exhibition in the west wing of the Landesmuseum, the opening of which is planned for next year after completion of the comprehensive renovation.

The museum management expects that this relocation of the collection to the head office will benefit from the link to other collections and that it will be noticed by many more visitors.

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