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Historia kotów Swan Madeline na BNetce chyba wielu miłośników kotów można znaleźć sam jestem nim , więc pozycja obowiązkowa ; Przejrzyste źródło Bosc David o tym, co malarz Gustav Courbet robił przed śmiercią w Szwajcarii Globalna wojna z chrześcijanami: Wstrząsający obraz współczesnych prześladowań Allen John L. In March , he became Postmaster General , a post he held for five months until August, when the Labour government fell , after failing to agree on how to tackle the financial crisis of the Great Depression.

Biblioteka nr 10 FOT. Pexels W piątek Dostęp do sieci będę miał sporadycznie, więc należy się z liczyć z opóźnieniami w moderacji.

The country has been placed in an extremely difficult situation, de facto without the possibility of getting out of the escalating crisis by itself. Since GDP fell by over 25 Mumbo Jumbo Wiejski system handlu ludnosci, more than 25 percent of population lives below the poverty line, unemployment exceeds 25 percent, and among the younger generation alarming 50 percent.

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In addition alone this year more refugees from the Middle East and Africa have arrived to Greece than to Italy. In this way Greece joined just three other states that are considered by the IMF to be insolvent. This are three African countries: Somalia, Sudan and Zimbabwe. Apart from the former failed country, in two other they cling to authoritarian regimes, while the economy is still somehow functioning due to the increasing presence of China.

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The recriminations who bears the responsibility for this nightmare exacerbates. For the subsequent explosion of the crisis and its present culmination far more than the Greeks themselves responsible is the rich West, with its banks and financiers, with its incompetent politicians and biased technocrats.

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I assume one must be aware that in the current state the debt is unpayable, and policy being enforced on Greece calls into question the possibility of repaying even half of the obligations. Why such irrationality? Everybody knows but the IMF does not know?


Somehow wiser behaves Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi — who seems to understand that if Greece falls, then his country, with public debt exceeding percent of GDP and with stagnant economy, can quickly find itself in the grip of devastating wave of crisis — than the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who is sitting on a barricade until that moment when it will be clear what prevails. Syriza government may soon fall.

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The situation is complicated immeasurably due to convened ad hoc referendum, after which the controversies what its outcome implies will only multiply. Someone may say again that this madness is a method, but is it?

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Politicians will Mumbo Jumbo Wiejski system handlu ludnosci, the media will prey, and the Greek people will increasingly suffer. In the eyes of the world the great idea of European integration is being discredited… How to cut the Greek debt? The Greek syndrome is becoming more and more rather political than economic challenge. The cradle of democracy is shattering; in Europe, in the country that the history of civilization owes so much.

As for the economic aspect of the case, the matter should be clear for every enlightened economist.

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Greece is insolvent and hence there is the pragmatic question how to reduce its still growing debt and how to reverse the falling output trend. In another words, how to raise the output and cut the debt. What has led us to the current state of affairs, has been the ineffectiveness of adjustment policy imposed by troika, which assumed unrealistically that such policy is able to bring debt to percent of GDP by on the a path of economic growth.

It was troika illusory as it soon turned out, because the policies enforced upon Athens instead have led to a rapid increase in debt as a result of the cumulative economic recession. The years are indeed seven very lean years for the Greeks. Thus the Greek debt must be reduced to sustainable level.

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There is no other realistic way out from Transakcje opcji dzielenia Costco current mess. It is true that in the meantime part of Greek obligations to these banks have already been reduced, but too little, too late.

Odpowiedź na: Wprowadzam wiele książek Louri Kolejna porcja - głównie zapowiedzi, ale warto kliknąć w "czekam na premierę" : Pijany botanik: O roślinach, z których powstają najwspanialsze alkohole świata zapow. Stewart Amy kolejna książka autorki Zbrodnie robali: Wesz, która pokonała armię Napoleona, i inne diaboliczne insekty Stewart Amytym razem chyba dużo przyjemniej - a i dla smakoszy cenna pozycja Dlaczego podskakuję Higashida Naoki w temacie autyzmu i tych, którzy żyją z autystykiem Hardkorowy romans: "Pięćdziesiąt twarzy Greya", bestsellery i społeczeństwo Illouz Eva cóż takiego jest w tych "Greyach" i innych "nowoczesnych erotykach". Historia kotów Swan Madeline na BNetce chyba wielu miłośników kotów można znaleźć sam jestem nimwięc pozycja obowiązkowa ; Przejrzyste źródło Bosc David o tym, co malarz Gustav Courbet robił przed śmiercią w Szwajcarii Globalna wojna z chrześcijanami: Wstrząsający obraz współczesnych prześladowań Allen John L.

In the latter case, the Greeks will pay at the end of the day up to one-third of their obligations, if not even less than that.

Russia and China?

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The national income of getting poorer and poorer Greeks makes just 0,25 percent of global ouptu. In other words, the world produces times more than 10 million Greeks. And now this world, already plagued by enormous difficulties, has one more trouble, because the syndrome of Greece is not only a problem at local and regional level; it is a global case. Thus it is understandable that President Barack Obama has urged the ineffective politicians-bureaucrats from Brussels and major European capitals to find a solution, because the US have enough troubles and by all means do not need a greater turmoil in the euro zone, the second reserve currency of the world.

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If there is a chaotic and fatal Grexit, then China has more than enough funds to help Greece, for example by investing tens of billions of dollars in the Greek tourism sector, and significant segments of the logistics infrastructure.

To the Chinese ports the Chinese ships will call, and we will rest in Chinese hotels.

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And as someone likes, he or she might even be eating at the island of Crete with chopsticks… Either way, the Chinese, with their far-reaching policies, already invest in Greece. Recently, not without a reason, the elements of the cultural kinship, in the form of the Orthodox religion in both countries, has been emphasized.

During his time as mayor, the council undertook action to tackle slum landlords who charged high rents but refused to spend money on keeping their property in habitable condition. The council served and enforced legal orders on homeowners to repair their property. It also appointed health visitors and sanitary inspectors, reducing the infant mortality rate, and took action to find work for returning unemployed ex-servicemen.

But this is of little importance. Politicians devoid of imagination — in Brussels and Berlin, in Paris and Warsaw — ought to realize that if their continuing mistakes will force Greece to exit the euro zone, it becomes probable that Greece vacates the European Union too. Further, the price of obtaining a hefty financial aid, of which Russia despite its economic problems is capable, Greece may turn its back against the West which indeed deprives Greeks from social and economic security.

What next, thus? Now all the scenarios looks black. One must escape forward from the darkest shade of blackness: from far-right fascist government or military dictatorship and Africanization of the Greek economy.